Find out what workshops are happening this week and next

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  1. Careers Service
  2. My Learning Essentials
  3. Counselling Service

Careers Service

The Careers Service offers tons of support relating to careers including help on CVs, cover letters, interviews, and much more check out our Careers Support page to have a look at all the resources. They also offer a ton of workshops to help you land that dream job

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Welcome Week at UoM from Manchester Evening News

Fresher’s do’s and don’ts

Here you will find an extensive list of our academic resources.

  1. Exams Support
  2. Essay Writing
  3. Navigating Online Teaching
  4. Finding Your Feet

1. Exam Support

Here is a list of resources relating to Exam Support

1.1 Exam 101

Learning better, together

Welcome to the Library Peer Network!
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LPN Logo

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Why is wellbeing important?

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Tips & Tricks to overcome your procrastination

LPN Coming Up video

This week

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Help and Support on offer at UoM

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